Cable Seal

Model: CF3.0T

As a professional security seals supplier in China, we can provide many types of cable seals, including CF3.0T, CF2.5T, CF3.5T, CF5.0T, etc. One of their differences lies in their diameter. The cable diameter of cable seals CF3.0T is 3.0mm.
Its cable is constructed of braided aircraft. And the length of its cable is 250cm, which is adjustable according to your requirement.
Dimension of its lock head is 26 mm × 26 mm × 7.5 mm.

More Details about Cable Seal CF3.0T
1. Cable seals CF3.0T, which is made of aluminum alloy, is petroleum & sunlight resistant.
2. Its pull tight locking mechanism is made of zinc extrusion.
3. Company name/ logo, sequential number and bar code can be printed on the seals upon request.
4. Our cable seals CF3.0T can be used to secure ISO containers, container trucks, doors, tanker trucks, rail cars, and so on.
5. Its tensile strength is more than 950kgf, and once it is used, only cable/ bolt cutters can remove it.
6. Our current colors are blue, green, red, and black. If you have special requirements on colors, just feel free to contact us.

Packaging for Cable Seal CF3.0T
Standard Packaging: 500 PCS / Carton
Carton Specifications: 12.80" × 8.27" × 7.28" (32.5cm × 21cm ×18.5cm)
Carton Weight: Gross: 14.5 kg / Net: 14 kg

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