Plastic Seal

Model: DH-Q9

Specifications of Plastic Seal DH-Q9

Locking piece of our plastic seals DH-Q9 is made of steel and the other parts are made from PP / PE.
Its pull tight locking mechanism is easy to apply: you just need to pull the cable through and tighten it.
Total length of it is195mm (flag is 50mm and tail is 145mm).
Sizes of flag and tail are 50mm × 22mm × 1mm and 145mm × 2.5mm separately.
Its average tensile strength is 17.3kgf.

More details about our Plastic Seal DH-Q9
Company logo or/and name, sequential number as well as bar code can be printed on the seals by use of thermal stamping or laser printing technology.
Our plastic seals DH-Q9 can be used to secure container trucks, doors, airlines catering, duty free, cash boxes, bags, postal services and courier services, etc.
Our current colors are yellow, white, green, blue, red, and orange, and if you want other colors, just feel free to contact us.

Packaging of Plastic Seal DH-Q9
Standard Packaging: 100pcs in a bag and 20bags in a carton.
Carton Specifications: 22.84" × 13.38" × 7.09" (58cm × 34cm× 18cm).
Carton Weight: Gross: 6 kg / Net: 5 kg.

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