Plastic Seal

Model: PF385F

Descriptions of Plastic Seal PF385F
Locking piece of our plastic seals PF385F is made of steel and the other part is made from PP / PE.
You can pull the cable through and tighten to minimize the loop for an extremely strong and secure tamper proof seal.
Total length of it is 385mm. Its flag dimension is 56 × 21mm and flat tail dimension is 305 × 5.5 × 2 mm.
We can print company logo/name, series number and bar code on the seals as per your requirement.
Various colors such as yellow, white, green, blue, red and so on are available.

Outstanding features
Our plastic seals PF385F can be removed by hand.
Its approx. tensile strength is 35kgf.
Three obvious spikes provide convenience for bags locking control.
Scale on the tail provides better after-locking protection.
Label holder is available.
Our plastic seals PF385F can be used to secure all kinds of ISO containers, container trucks, doors, postal services, courier services, bags, etc.

Packaging for Plastic Seal PF385F
Standard Packaging: 10pcs per mat and 1000pcs per carton.
Carton Specifications: 16.93" × 11.02" × 11.81" (43cm × 28cm × 30cm).
Carton Weight: Gross: 4.5 kg / Net: 4.0 kg.

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